"On the Night of a Blood Moon"

I had the opportunity to read On the Night of a Blood Moon before it was published, and found the story gripping and realistic. Having known the author for almost 50 years as both a friend and a journalist, I highly recommend this book! 


"On the Night of a Blood Moon" is a gripping account of a horrendous crime. Peter's look back at big-city police work and major market news reporting recalls a fascinating era prior to DNA testing. It's Peter's first [novel], but likely not his final literary work. Congrats!



The heart and soul that went into this book is amazing. True stories are the best. Congratulations Peter Karl.

B. Bortoli

It helped me set my expectations. They were more on a optimistic side and now they are on a realistic side. This may help me make money or at leadt (for sure) save me a lot of money. I think this is the first book that anyone should read, if they want to try to become a professional blackjack player. It's not long so you won't get discouraged after reading for a while. If you do, then you shouldn't try playing blackjack, after all it takes tons of studying, practicing and patience. Thank you author. Great book.

"You Can't Win...Unless"

This book is best for those who have read some of the basic "how to" books about playing Blackjack and are looking for an organized overview and philosophy to guide there play as they take on "counting cards". Ordinarily a daunting task to undertake, Peter Karl has simplified the concept and given glimpses into his fascinating foray into becoming a "professional gambler". An award winning investigative reporter, he spent over a year in the process of becoming a pro at counting. Quick reading and easy tables of various play based on the card count. I would highly recommend this book to those who are interested in moving up to the next level in their Blackjack play.

Amazon Customer

Peter Karl was a famous and accomplished Investigative Reporter long before the term was being used. He has now turned his laser beam intellect on Casino's and Blackjack in particular. This is a easy to understand guide on how to get back some of the dough back you have dropped in the few decades. Karl has made life miserable for a whole host of politicians, labor union boss's, and now the casino industry. At least now you too can benefit.


The author hits the key points to being a disciplined player. His personal experience helps players of all levels improve their skills. Great detail in effective playing rules...easy to follow and use tips. One of his tips sticks in my mind now..."if the dealers haven't got a shot"...has definitely saved me a bunch! This book is an easy read that packs a punch.


I have read many blackjack books and I put this one at the top of the heap. Throughout the book, the author emphazies two things, practice and know when to walk away. I'm not getting rich, but more often than not, I'm leaving the casino with more money than I walked in with.

Down to earth, simple explanations and a great eye opener of your odds of winning in the game of blackjack. Though I don't count cards Peter Karl's simple rules of playing the game of blackjack make you realize what your chances of winning really are.

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